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NeoConnect 's Logo


01-30 June 2020 / United States, Chicago





Howe presents the new arrival in the 40/4 family
Bahia and Odyssey: Sunbrella®’s new textile collections
The New Fermob Collection
Pedrali 'New Ideas 2020'
Slalom: #designagainstvirus
Pastel Shades and Generous Shapes
The Delicacy of Flower
Matisse Collection: Style with an Edge
NeoCon Announces New Digital Hub: NeoConnect 2020
Soft and Sustainable. New Seats by Arper
ECONYL® for NeoConnect 2020
Pattern & Symmetry by Mohawk Group
3form Launches Varia Desk Partitions
AllSorts + SmallSorts
Pull Up a Seat with Popover from Encore
​Splitty Reach, the Lamp Inspired by the Fluidity of Water Droplets
A Lamp Made of Upcycled Waste
Lightweight, Stackable, Versatile: Stakki Chair
How Color Interacts with Form?
Okamura Presents Finora
Davis + LucidiPevere
Humanscale Launches the Humanscale Hub
NeoConnect 2020: Unika Vaev with Abstracta
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