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Vila-real / Spain

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Porcelanosa is the brand that has given its name to Porcelanosa Grupo, of which it is the leading company, and is the brand specialized in porcelain stoneware and single-porous ceramic floor and wall tiles with a wide range of sizes and finishes.
The technological and innovative spirit that animates the brand defines a production of impeccable quality, with peaks of excellence like the two collections made with absolutely innovative materials: STON-KER?, a revolutionary ceramic stone with higher performance characteristics than porcelain stoneware - and PAR-KER? - a wood-effect ceramic that combines high resistance with a high aesthetic value.

STON-KER?, the ceramic stone of the 21st century

STON-KER? is a material with extraordinary strength, designed to meet the architectural requirements of increasingly advanced projects, which require high performance in terms of strength and durability.
Porcelanosa invented this extraordinary new material, a ceramic stone with superior performance characteristics compared to porcelain stoneware, which remains unaltered even under the most extreme conditions, and therefore also perfect as a facade cladding. Aesthetic performance is also excellent since in texture and appearance in general STON-KER? imitates limestone or slate, focusing on an industrial style and offering a wide range of colours, to satisfy every kind of design need.
The exceptional resistance of STON-KER? allows the production of sheets in large formats, up to 120cm, with the advantage of reducing installation times, with consequent cost savings, but also limiting the presence of joints, and consequently ensuring larger and continuous surfaces, both technically and visually.
Traditional ceramics are physically composed of two distinct, superimposed layers: an underlying layer that acts as a physical support or substrate and a glassy top layer of coating that forms the visible surface.
STON-KER?, on the other hand, has a homogeneous composition, a unique, indivisible structure, which guarantees exceptional technical performance in terms of wear and abrasion resistance, making it a material suitable for intensive uses such as public areas, collective or leisure environments, shops, museums, commercial places, offices, hotels, ventilated facades, areas subject to heavy traffic.

PAR-KER?, the warmth of wood passes to ceramics

The other innovative material by Poercelanosa, much in demand in residential and contract projects for its excellent resistance and versatility, is the ceramic parquet PAR-KER?, perfect both as a floor and wall covering, both for indoor and outdoor use.
PAR-KER? is a ceramic material, with the intrinsic qualities of ceramics (resistance to high and low temperatures, fire, humidity and pedestrian transit), but faithfully reproduces, thanks to digital and technological processes, the grain and texture of wood. Technical performance and design in a single product, which can therefore also be applied in projects of high aesthetic value, and in public places with medium pedestrian traffic, such as public residential spaces, commercial and sanitary places. The surface does not require any special treatment after laying, nor any subsequent maintenance, it resists the effect of the sun, keeping its colour and shade unchanged. PAR-KER offers an optimal solution in case of underfloor heating installation.
Thanks to the application of nanotechnology, even higher performance can be achieved, such as an anti-slip surface treatment, with the advantage that it can be applied in outdoor locations with harsh or particularly humid weather conditions, adapting to all environments and styles.Its porosity makes it water-repellent, therefore suitable for particularly humid indoor environments such as bathrooms or kitchens, or in areas with swimming pools or in open air spaces.
It is also a fireproof material, therefore safe in all types of applications, especially in public environments. ... More ... less

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