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A well planned bathroom furniture adds an extra touch to the indoor furniture style. A precise choice of the bathroom accessories demands care and consideration for the space at disposal and the style one wishes to reproduce in the room. The latest trends in the world of bathroom furniture feature materials and shapes designed as to facilitate the bathroom cleaning, keeping plenty of options to pick from in order to match any stylistic need. Bathroom design products are countless and range from the modern wall-mounted fixtures to compact pieces of furniture, designed as to fit tight spaces without being bulky or giving up on aesthetics.

Designing the Bathroom furniture: comfort and aesthetics

Furnishing the bathroom with accessories that match the shape and style of the surrounding environment allows to make use of a well arranged space and one with a strong aesthetic impact. Choosing the bathroom cabinets and placing them in a reasoned way, indeed, not only guarantees an efficient space organization, but also decorates the room with design models ranging from iconic shapes to newest solutions mashing up materials, colors and finishes to fit any context.

How to add a personal touch with bathroom taps

Bathroom taps feature new, modern shapes that are the result of a continuous stylistic experimentation, resulting in new combinations of geometries and finishes. From the classical single-handle tap to products that revamp the iconic double-handle taps in a modern appeal; bathroom taps design vary from brass to chromed inserts to reflect the newest trends in bathroom furniture and fit as in classic style environments, as in contemporary furnished rooms.

A floating magic: washbasins for contemporary bathrooms

Modern style bathroom accessories give the environment a sense of cleanness and tidiness. This is made possible thanks to minimalist-structured furniture accessories like wall-mounted toilets, that mix ceramics and innovative materials. The palette varies from neutral tones to chromatic contrasts. No doubt that washbasins are the first element leaping out when entering a bathroom, especially in the wall-mounted version. This model does not occupy an inch of the floor surface and decorates with the simplicity of rounded shapes or sharp geometric contours. ... More ... less ... More ... less

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