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5 Bathroom floor lamps

Floor lamps for bathrooms, also called standard lamps, are a simple and effective solution for creating atmospheric and ambient lighting. Floor lamps for bathrooms help to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, which however requires a certain amount of space: design floor lamps, in fact, are design objects that not only meet functional but also aesthetic needs and, therefore, they fit into the space as real furniture accessories. From the classic floor lamps, equipped with fabric lampshades, to the modern floor lamps, with a filiform steel structure, the models of floor lamps for bathrooms available are many and suitable to satisfy any need and taste.

Materials and styles: floor lamps for every type of bathroom

A floor lamp for the bathroom is the perfect solution to obtain in a simple and effective way the desired lighting effect, but it is necessary to take into account some tricks to choose the most suitable model for the environment to be furnished. In fact, a floor element not only diffuses light but it is able to contribute to the success of a style of furniture as well. Modern floor lamps for bathrooms are characterized by a rather essential and dry style. Among these, metal floor lamps for bathroom are available in many shapes and range from thin lines to more refined thicknesses. On the other hand, classic floor lamps are characterized by the typical fabric or similar materials lampshade and are usually used to create mood lights. The illuminated bathroom floor lamp can be placed in a corner, perhaps near the bathtub, or it can occupy a central role on the wall. The important thing is to take into account the space available, so as not to risk obtaining a counterproductive effect and to fill the room too much.

Adjustable floor lamps: atmospheric light and direct light

When choosing a floor lamp for the bathroom it is important to take into account the position of the lamp itself, precisely to properly study the area to illuminate. An alternative solution are the adjustable floor lamps, which allow you to direct the light from time to time to illuminate specific points. From classic adjustable floor lamps to modern designed adjustable floor lamps, these models are perfect for a small corner of the room and, developing in height, they can be used both for atmospheric lighting and to create a more direct light on specific points. A more traditional style? This is the case of the adjustable floor lamps in fabric, refined in the shapes by the classic lampshade. For a modern style, instead, choose an adjustable metal floor lamp, which ensures continuity with the surrounding furniture.

All the advantages of LED floor lamps for bathrooms

Designed to stay on for a long time, bathroom floor lamps usually prefer LED-type lighting. The LED bathroom floor lamps create games of light that make them perfect for carving out a corner of relaxation. This type of lamp, in fact, allows you to effectively illuminate a room and offer the possibility of achieving significant energy savings. Moreover, a LED light illuminates without developing excessive heat and operates at low power. This last feature makes them suitable to be powered also by renewable energy sources. ... More ... less

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