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Bathroom lighting

Next to meeting merely functional needs, bathroom lighting allows to decorate thanks to a number of solutions studied in order to fulfill stylistic and planning requirements. Bathroom wall lamps, ceiling lights, LED lighting and backlit mirrors are design products producing lights effects that range from more diffused, tame light, to light spots placed in a way that specific objects or portions of the area are accentuated. And that’s not the only aspect. By choosing the right lighting for your bathroom, you can transform the perception of a tiny space by playing with dimensions and perspectives and alternating cold light spots with indirect, soft and cozy light effects.

Under a different light: bathroom lighting that transforms a space

Designing the ideal bathroom lighting demands care and attention in order to achieve the desired light effect. Bathroom wall lamps are among the preferred solutions to create scenic spots of lights and at the same time decorate a space with divers shapes and materials. This is the case, for instance, of bathroom wall lamps with warm or cold direct light. On the contrary, in order to obtain a diffused light effect, wall lamps with indirect light are a recommended purchase, better if with warm light, in this case. Bathroom LED lighting is still the most demanded, as it allows to get good results with conspicuous energy efficiency. Bathroom floor lamps, on their hand, rise on vertical, thin structures. Fabric floor lamps contribute to create a dim glow, while swiveling floor lamps allow to point light where useful, on a needs basis.

Ceiling lamps for a soft lightened bathroom

Before purchasing a bathroom ceiling lights it is essential to take some elements into account. First of all the model design and dimensions. It is possible to find on the market ceiling lamps in a variety of shapes, materials and sizes and it’s therefore important to choose the right product, especially in the case of a small bathroom where a too big ceiling lamp could give a stifling feeling and eat space. The type of lighting is another crucial aspect to consider; the light cast by ceiling lamps is very much diffused and it’s different from the typical one emanated by chandeliers. It is thereby recommended to carefully choose shape and position. Ceiling lamps also weigh on the good outcome of a bathroom furniture project, from the classical rounded ceiling lamps to the more modern steel ceiling lamps.

The beauty of light. Why to opt for a backlit mirror

Mirrors are essential design products in any bathroom. It is common to opt for integrated-light systems, as they can easily reproduce the sunlight effect, or for bathroom spotlights for mirrors with cold or warm light, an ideal solution to gain more visibility - especially in the case of mirrors for the make up in specialized centers. For the lighting of a bathroom mirror, LED lights are a common choice, but it is also possible to find halogen and fluorescent elements. ... More ... less ... More ... less

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