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662 Bathroom mirrors

”Who sees the human face correctly: the photograppher, the mirror, or the painter?” (Pablo Picasso)
A bathroom isn’t complete without a mirror where you can look at yourself, cleanse your face, make-up, shave. Choosing the bathroom mirror is relatively simple because the only parameter to take into account is its size, its encumbrance on the washbasin. A wide range of models in many styles, shapes and sizes makes it even easier to choose the right mirror for your bathroom.

Where to start from? Size, first of all. The smallest size for a bathroom mirror is 24x20cm but the width can vary depending on the shape of the mirror and the washbasin. Choose a mirror with size and shape proportional to the room. An excessively large mirror will make the wall look disporportionate while an excessively small one will be hard to use. It should be placed at the centre in relation to the washbasin.

Then, choose the shape that matches the style of the bathroom fixtures and the furniture. Choose a rectangular bathroom mirror placed horizontally over a washbasin or a double washbasin for an ultra-modern bathroom and a round bathroom mirror on a standard size washbasin harmonically matching roundish fixtures or to contrast with a square washbasin. A square bathroom mirror, instead, can be ideal to highlight a small bathroom cabinet or to emphasize a washbasin that is not centered.

After you’ve evaluated shape and size, you can now choose the finishings taking into account the general décor, lights and claddings. Frame or all-glass? A thick framed bathroom mirror will underline the room’s décor, while a mirror with no frame or with a very think frame will give the washbasin a minimal look, especially if you install two spotlights pointing to the edge.

Which accessories should you choose? To optimize available space we recommend a cabinet mirror where you can put away make-up and accessories for everyday cleaning. Moreover, it’s a good idea to install a shaving mirror for your make-up session and to shave. Not only do mirrors have to match the main mirror but they also have to match bathroom accessories. Don’t forget mirror lighting! Two lateral light sources and maybe a central one, installed on the higher edge of the mirror and in a central position will light the area properly letting you have a clear and shadeless sight. As an alternative you could choose the modern integrated lighting mirrors with fluorescent or LED lamps. Choose lamps with a high chromatic yield index to get realistic reflection and realistic tones.

Choose a style that best matches the furniture of your bathroom! A classic style bathroom mirror richly decorated with a large frame will match perfectly with the white china washbasin and white console and with the Victorian black and white tiles. On the contrary, a contemporary style bathroom mirror with squared shapes and essential retro-illuminated frame will complete your bathroom set perfectly. Why not giving a designer’s touch to the bathroom mirror? Lose yourself in the curvy and colored lines by Karim Rashid or in the more essential geometries by Arik Levy or by Sieger Design. Find them on Archiproducts! ... More ... less


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