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Bathroom radiators

The bathroom radiator has now replaced the old cast iron radiators with models that guarantee better performance and furnish with combinations of finishes, materials and shapes. The towel warmers for the bathroom have upgraded this typically functional element into a real furnishing accessory: a chrome-plated decorative radiator, for example, not only heats the bathroom environment but also decorates it with glossy inserts that fit perfectly into modern bathroom furnishings. The minimalist design of an electric decorative radiator can give an important contribution to the aesthetics of the space and consumption is considerably reduced thanks to special systems that program its switching on and off. There are many models available, from the water based decorative radiator to the mixed-use radiator and the horizontal radiator.

A radiator for furnishing and heating the bathroom

The bathroom radiator has a series of horizontal slats that allow you to hang towels and fabrics between the spaces. The models of decorative radiators available on the market are extremely varied and the performances vary according to the type you choose. The towel warmer is connected to the hydraulic system or to the electrical system according to the type chosen and is inserted into the wall by means of special anchoring plugs.

Modern models of towel warmers for bathrooms

The radiator is the subject of stylistic experiments over and over again, becoming a real design object to be included in the bathroom furniture project. Among the modern proposals there are towel warmers with remote control and wireless ignition system: these are remotely programmable decorative radiators that take advantage of the presence of a device to turn on and off. The decorative radiator can also be made of recycled materials, designed with respect for the environment. Generally it is possible to say that there is a radiator for any style of bathroom furniture, from the most classic to the most modern. ... More ... less ... More ... less

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