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97 Bathtub wall panels

Bathtub walls allow you to use the bathtub in comfort, protecting the surrounding environment from soap and water splashes. Their usefulness, however, is not limited to cleanliness or hygiene: the bathtub walls protect and furnish, made of extraclear, satin, transparent or screen-printed tempered glass contribute to the safe use of the space ensuring that we can enjoy moments of relaxation in our bathroom. The bathtub walls thus combine the comfort of a bathtub with the practicality of a shower.

Walls for bathtub: the choice of material

What is required of a bathtub splash guard is its resistance to small impacts, limescale but also its lightness, we would never want to have to move heavy doors or have to be careful to clean every little drop of water to avoid the formation of limescale along the glass.
Among the most popular models are the tempered glass tub walls. The glass is suitably treated with an anti-drip film that preserves its aesthetics intact. On the other hand, methacrylate tank walls are lighter, potentially less dangerous but need to be replaced more quickly because they are less resistant to limescale, dirt and UV rays.
If we are looking for a precious material, we will opt for tub walls made of thick glass, also made of double tempered glass.
Often, however, more than the material itself, it is necessary to pay attention to the treatment that the parent companies bring to the panels: the most widespread and recommended is that anti-scale or anti-drip, it makes the material water-repellent and non-stick against water, soaps and dirt. Maximum attention must also be paid to the choice of profiles, structure, links and hinges of the tank, we always recommend durable metals that do not deteriorate easily in contact with water, on the market the walls for tub aluminum and glass are certainly the most successful combo.

When is it useful to install bathtub walls?

If you don't know what to choose between the functionality of a shower and the comfort of a bathtub you can reach a compromise thanks to the use of bathtub walls, they are made up of splash protection panels, similar to those of the shower, to be installed directly on the free edges of the bathtub. Walls more or less high, with one or more sides, they solve the question by bringing everyone together. If you are facing a renovation and the bathtub is already present in the apartment, the walls per bathtub can be added without too much time and money, the room will acquire a new look without having to resort to major plumbing works. Even if you have children in the house splashing water from the bathtub could be a daily problem, the walls will protect the bathroom floor from too much confusion.

Infinite solutions to configure your bathtub wall

There are many configurations available on the market, each one responds to specific needs, starting from the basic shape of the bathtub, in fact it is on its edges that the panels will be installed. The most popular solution is composed of corner bathtub walls, when the bathtub has at least one of the long sides and one of the short sides free you can create a niche with panels that then form a corner, a real shower cabin integrated in the bathtub. If the bathtub is recessed on three sides into the walls of the room, we can instead opt for a single fixed panel with movable flap, a folding bathtub wall for easy entry and exit. The most find in the shower the maximum utility, the bathtub instead is often considered as a sanitary beautiful but not very functional, in this case with the help of sliding bathtub walls we have the possibility to recreate a completely closed shower cabin, to be used even standing.
However, not all bathtubs have standard sizes, just think of the masonry bathtubs made to be placed ad hoc along the short side of the bath.
Well, even in these cases there are excellent solutions, it is possible to install modular tub walls, a configuration that can be replicated with n doors. Or you can opt for custom solutions, i. e. tailor-made tub walls. ... More ... less
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