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439 Bollard lights

When designing a detailed garden lighting it is fundamental to weigh all the possible solutions and to carefully evaluate the choice of the most suitable product for the space of destination. That’s because an efficient combination of the outdoor and indoor lighting can completely transform the way a house looks. Bollard lights offer great insights to ameliorate the quality of the outdoor lighting and not only contribute to creating a pleasant light ambiance, but also ensure more safety, especially if placed along walkways, internal paths or the entire perimeter of a house. The market offers various types of bollard lights to fit any furniture style, from the more traditional models to other based on LED technology to achieve considerable energy efficiency. Bollard lights are ideal to be placed along the main walkways or secondary paths.

How to design a lighting project with LED bollard lights

LED bollard lights are part of that category of outdoor lighting systems designated to light up walkways or pathways, thus acquiring a merely technical function. They also create evocative atmospheres and lighted paths, therefore serving aesthetic and decorative purposes, thanks to the versatile design of such products. Not to mention, in addition, that LED lighting allows to achieve remarkable energy efficiency. Garden LED bollard lights are extremely easy to install and, in certain cases, even to move, when they are to be simply fixed on the lawn. Outdoor LED bollard lights are also recommended to highlight the perimeter of the building and the pathways leading to the entrance.

Bollard lights to fit any outdoor furniture style

There is a vast choice of outdoor bollard lights on the market, available in several kinds of finishes and materials and suitable to match the needs of any furniture style. Metal bollard lights, for instance, will perfectly integrate in a modern style project. On their side, wooden bollard lights will enrich a space furnished with a classic style, plunged in the nature. It goes without saying that this kind of outdoor lighting is not only suited to serve private spaces. There are plenty of bollard light models ideal for public spaces, made of concrete and synthetic materials and even featuring glass decorative inserts. To make an eco-friendly choice, solar-powered bollard lights can be a solution. ... More ... less


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