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405 Cooker hoods

Invented to filter smoke and odours, cooker hoods play an important role in the kitchen. There are the classic and almost invisible built-in models as well as hi-tech models with a strong aesthetic impact. In some cases they make you focus your attention on them becoming the leading role in the room. Let’s have a look at how they work to choose the one for you.
First thing, you need to know whether we can install an aspirating or a filtering model. The first model is connected to the exhaust pipe (or a venting hole in the wall) to vent the smoke outside. The second one, instead, is used when you can’t connect the hood to the exhaust and so you have to use a filtering system where air is sucked in, filtered with an activated carbon filter and blown out into the room.
Let’s see now the diverse types of hoods.

Built-in cooker hoods
The hood is recessed in a wall cabinet installed right over the hobs and so it is invisible.

Wall mounted cooker hoods.
In this case the hood is completely visible and it is fastened over the hobs on the wall. You need to make sure that there is at least a 65 cm distance between the hobs and the hood. You need to take care of the aesthetics in this case. You can choose the classic pyramidal ones, the slim flat rectangular ones and also fancier models.

Island hoods.
Island hoods have been having spectacular success since the trend is to choose island kitchens with these large central elements (islands) on which hobs are placed. For obvious aesthetic reasons, these hoods mainly have filtering functions and they are not aspiring (if you’re looking for this function you need to build an exhaust pipe that will suck the air from the island and blow it outside). They are installed hanging from the ceiling like a lamp. Just because it is hung as a lamp, it also has lamp functions thus becoming the visual focus of the room.

This represents an interesting new kind of hood. It’s built in the countertop and it sinks in it when not needed and it creates a clean large area around the hobs.
Downdraft hoods have their motor under the countertop while the filtering panel raises thanks to touchscreen controls. ... More ... less

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