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Cooking accessories

Cooking accessories are elements that non only add to the usability and comfort of the space, but also decorate it with versatile products merging design and functionality. Cutting boards, colander, nutcrackers, bottle openers and more; these are all must-have objects that need to be useful, practical and resistant to simplify the actions that are generally carried out in a kitchen. Cooking accessories are not only useful, but are also available in a variety of colors and shapes that contribute to the aesthetic outcome of a furnishing project. The most popular cooking accessories are made of steel, a material that ensures resistance and hygiene. Among the different options, there are also cooking accessories in colored plastics that help customizing the surrounding space.

Cooking accessories fusing colors, shapes and materials

Cooking accessories are versatile elements effectively combining design and functionality. Accessories in aluminium are light and characterized by high thermal conductivity. The thicker the accessories, the more homogeneously warmth will be distributed. Normally the choice falls on non-stick aluminium, covered in Teflon. Stainless steel cooking accessories are the most popular for the typical rebustness of the material. However, in order to obtain an exclusive aesthetic effect copper and porcelain cooking accessories are also a frequent choice. Next to the listed materials, there are also silicone cooking accessories. This material is recommended for oven molds, as it can easily stand high temperatures.

Customize a space with cooking accessories

There are cooking accessories that can never miss in a kitchen. For instance, kitchen knives, dish drainers, salt and pepper shakers and oil and vinegar sets can be in steel, for a more daily use, but also in silver or brass to be used during special occasions. Cooking pots are the elements that make cooking possible. They are available in different sizes and measures, to make sure any type of food is cooked in the ideal way. Among other potentially useful cooking utensils you can find: chopping boards, spatulas, corkscrews, bottle openers, graters and scales. ... More ... less ... More ... less

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