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251 Dressing tables

Dressing tables is a piece of furniture entirely dedicated to personal care and is usually included in the furnishing of the sleeping area. The dressing table has been revisited in a modern key to fit into contemporary environments, working on the structure, streamlining it to adapt it to the needs of small living spaces, while maintaining the functionality of a container for small objects. The modern dressing table is not present in all bedrooms, but those who have enough space available will benefit from a design furnishing accessory that proves to be extremely functional and interesting. These make-up tables are often equipped with numerous drawers, compartments and hidden compartments useful for storing tools and cosmetics: even if, in a purely minimalist style, the toilet units can also be formed by a simple shelf and a wall mirror.

The toilet cabinet, a revisited classic

A traditional dressing table fits perfectly into a classic design project with wooden products and precious finishes. Contemporary models, on the other hand, are characterized by compact and contained forms that adapt to the modern concept of space. Before choosing a dressing table it is necessary to evaluate the size and shape of the room, to avoid creating too much space. A smaller toilet cabinet, but as tall as a console, can be equipped with a practical folding mirror or wall mirror.

The countless styles of the toilet

The modern toilet furniture has been revisited to fit into contemporary environments, working on the structure, streamlining it to adapt it to the needs of small living spaces, while maintaining the functionality of a container for small objects. The study of materials is fundamental to renew this furniture with such a historical character: for example, the leather dressing table is enriched with elegance and modernity, while the metal dressing table is the perfect solution to make your corner of beauty a jewel of design.

Where to place a dressing table in the house?

Furnishing elements, once indispensable in the bedrooms of the ladies, the dressing table had lost over time their centrality within the sleeping area. The hectic lives of modern times have moved personal care into the bathrooms, rather than into the corners dedicated to make-up tables that were the protagonists of a moment of pure feminine intimacy. Today, however, the increasingly careful search for design furniture has given new life to this furniture, making them decline in all possible styles, materials and colors, and attracting on them the attention of designers who engage in concepts increasingly elaborate and interesting. In modern homes, as throughout its history, the toilet gives a deep intimacy to the corner of the occupied house, creating a relationship of deep empathy.

The secret compartments of the toilet

The most feminine furniture of all, with the passing of time, is always able to create a warm private corner where you can also enjoy a moment of tranquility from the hectic lives of today. The important thing is that your toilet is able to provide all those personal items that the woman needs, in its corners often less visible as drawers, hidden doors or even shelves with flaps in which you can insert a secret mirror.
In larger domestic environments, the dressing table is even located in the bathroom, and therefore not necessarily in the sleeping area. In this way the privacy in the use of this piece of furniture can be taken to the extreme. ... More ... less


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