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Fences and perimeter enclosures

Garden fences allow to demarcate the outdoor perimeter to heighten the sense of intimacy and safety, while contributing to furnish the outdoor area. Outdoor fences are made of different materials and are available in a variety of models with a versatile design and different heights, lengths and colors. The traditional wooden fence – or picket fence – can be varnished in to order to best integrate with the outdoor context. Iron fences are the best options for modern looking environments, although wrought iron is more recommended to forge shapes and decorations suitable to a backyard furnished in liberty style. A functional solution is represented by prefabricated fences. Easy and practical to be mounted, they are composed of modular panels to be joint to each other as to compose the perfect fence.

Walls, artificial hedges and picket fences. Classic and natural garden fences

A garden natural and classic-style furniture can play as an alternative to metal fences or plastic decorative grids. Installing dry-stone walls along the perimeter, or wooden fences like picket fences allows to reproduce a typical rural environment. Moreover, wooden fences can be varnished with treated paints, resistant to the action of atmospheric agents, to fit the requirements of an outdoor context to a maximum extent.

Enclosures and iron gates for a modernly furnished garden

Iron fences are the most commonly used to mark off the perimeter of an outdoor space. As a material, iron is especially appropriate for the outdoor, since it does not warp as it ages and can stand any temperature. On top of that, iron fences come in modern design models, featuring different shapes and heights to best fit in a garden modern furniture style. Compared with pvc enclosures, iron demands basic maintenance and can be combined with gates for the outdoor entrance. ... More ... less ... More ... less

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