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1,513 Garden tables

”I try to observe what I have in front of my eyes: my home garden, my path. And everything surprises me.” (Wolfgang Goethe)
Round or rectangular? Extendable of fixed? With a hole for the garden umbrella or a Lazy Susan for lunch with friends? Regardless of your personal taste and needs, garden tables are essential in gardens, patios and terraces. If sofas and armchairs are the pivoting part of the relax area, garden tables with benches, chairs or easy chairs are the place where you enjoy summer with good food and company. Equipped with a barbecue and an outdoor oven, the outdoor dining area extends the indoor area of your house making your lunch breaks pleasant and your night dinners fantastic. Garden tables are to be chosen in accordance with the available space and matched to the outdoor relax area furniture. Rectangular garden tables, for example, can be placed against a wall or in a corner under a large arbor to take advantage of the shade. Round garden tables, instead, are best suited for larger central spaces like on the lawn, under a garden gazebo or a garden umbrella of the right size. If you don’t have neough space for a shading structure you can choose a table with a central hole for the garden umbrella. If you usually have lots of guests but you don’t have a lot of space in the garden, buying an extendable garden table will be a good idea. It’s pratical and functional because it lets you save space when you don’t have people for dinner. Another space saving idea is a foldable garden table that can be folded and stored away when not necessary.

Besides functionality, the fundamental parameter to evaluate a garden table is the weather resistance. During autumn and winter, rain and cold put a strain on the durability of outdoors furniture. So you need to choose the right material. More, during summer, sunrays can damage surfaces changing their colors. Wooden garden tables are among the most chosen thanks to their good weather condition resistance. If adequately treated with special oils and if you cover them up in case of heavy rain, they are solid and durable. The kinds of wood frequently used are teak, really resistant to harsh weather conditions, humidity, temperature excursion and insects; balau, that with its warm nuance is resistant and durable; and finally, keruing, with its shimmering colors and good weather condition resistance. Wooden tables should never be covered during winter except in case of heavy rain because plastic coverings might trigger mold build-up. As an alternative, you can choose tables made of natural fibers like wicker or rattan which are very beautiful and quite resistant to harsh weather. However, if placed in a very humid area and not sufficiently sunlit, they might change their color to grey. Metal garden tables in stainless steel, aluminium or wrough iron are weather resistant but they need constant maintenenace to avoid rust. Plastic materials such as PVC, synthetic resin are widely used for outdoor furniture thanks to their lightness and their improved resistance to sun, wind and rain. Modern intertwined resins, for example, reproduce rattan and wicker textures making furniture less sensitive to cold temperatures, humidity and UV rays.

Style is a personal thing, everyone knows. However, you must outfit your outdoor dining area matching the style of the relax area while keeping an eye on indoor furniture. Classic style garden tables will be in wood, with a decorated surface and shaped legs, or they will come with wrought iron legs and an inlayed marble or stone surface. Contemporary style garden tables will have more assertive shapes and pale colors to complete your total white, hi-tech outdoor living area. ... More ... less


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