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1,234 Kitchen Taps

Functional, practical, elegant and tough. These are just some of the requisites your kitchen taps must have. The first thing to do is to understand whether you want a tap or a mixer. What’s the difference? Easy. The tap is made up of a spout and two knobs with which you can adjust water flow. A kitchen mixer tap, instead, is a single command piece. That means that the temperature and the water flow is adjusted with a sole lever mounted on the spout. Usually the up-down movement regulates the flow, the left-right movement adjusts the temperature.

Once you’ve chosen the type, you need to know where to install it: on the sink or on the wall. A countertop kitchen tap can be installed on the sink and on the countertop but you just have to be precise when you drill the holes in the top. These taps are the most common ones because they don’t require a lot of work to be installed and they are convenient and practical to use.
A wall mounted kitchen tap, instead, requires that you have to racetrack the pipes in the wall. You can do this only if you are renovating or building because you have to plaster the wall again.

When choosing a kitchen tap you have to pay attention to some details that will make the difference in time. For example, you better choose a tall spout that will let you wash pots easily or to fill up a bucket with no problems.

If you have a double bowl sink, choose a swiveling spout kitchen tap. This will allow you to direct the flow into the bowl you need.
Let’s have a look at the spray. This accessory was mainly used in professional kitchens but it is now being increasingly installed in household kitchens. Thanks to the metal hose to which it is connected, you can bring water where needed. So if you need to fill a container up on the dripping surface of your sink or to rinse your big pot… the spray allows this. The market offers two types of taps/mixers: the ones with a built in spray or the ones with an extractable spray.
Kitchen taps with sprays have a further element to be installed. The spray needs a separate hole in the sink or on the countertop. Kitchen taps with extractable sprays are more convenient because the spray part is also the ending part of the spout connected to a hose. You spare a hole on the countertop with this system.
On the basis of the style of your kitchen you can choose among classic style kitchen taps with decorated ceramic knobs and baroque style and contemporary style kitchen taps with a minimalistic look. ... More ... less


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