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1,079 Kitchens

”No chaos, no creation. Evidence: the kitchen at mealtime.” (Mason Cooley)
The kitchen is the “sacred”place in a house. Not a collection of pieces of furniture and hobs, but the very heart of family life. It’s for this reason that we invest a lot of energy when choosing the kitchen that most represents our style and satisfies our needs. More, it’s the part of the house that requires the biggest investment. So you better start thinking which configuration you want among all the possible combinations that could fit into your budget. In a fitted kitchen each component can make the price vary: from the kitchen top to the cabinet doors, from the sink to the appliances, from the taps to the accessories. Let’s have a look at a few criteria you need to take into account to choose the best kitchen.

Size and type
The first thing to do when you have to choose a kitchen is to have the map of the room with the measurements handy. You have to know where the gas and water supplies are and where the power sockets are. You also have to know where the radiators and windows are so to have clear in mind what you can place in the kitchen and where.
Don’t forget that the minimum space for a cooking area are 5 – 6 sq. m. for a 8 – 10 sq. m. kitchen, while for a kitchen/dining room you need 12 – 14 sq. m.
If your room is narrow and long choose a linear kitchen, this model will allow you to have all the necessary modules (fridge, oven, sink, hobs and working space) on the same wall but if you still have space you can extend it giving it an L shape: you’d have more working space and more wall cabinets available for your pantry stuff and your pots and pans.
Or you can set up your kitchen on two parallel walls but watch out: in this case you need to have at least 1.20 m. maneuvering space to move around and open cabinet doors and drawers comfortably. Another kind of configuration can be the “U” shaped one. Your kitchen will extend on three walls. This solution is to be chosen when you have a large room that allows you to move around freely.
While in the past the trend was to separate the cooking area from the dining area, nowadays, in modern kitchens, these spaces are basically shared widening outfitting possibilities. For these rooms you can think of the most complex compositions: cooking and living are not two separate activities anymore! ... More ... less


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