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27 Microwave ovens

The microwave oven has become popular in time. Initially designed to defrost and warm up food rapidly, nowadays it’s being increasingly used to prepare food from scratch basically replacing classic ovens. Let’s see how it works. Microwaves are invisible electromagnetic waves (like infrared and UV rays). They are generated inside the oven by a device called magnetron. These waves are very fast (5 billion waves per second) and are absorbed by food since it functions as a bad energy conductor (like water, fats and other substances). Once hit by the waves the particles in the food vibrate and friction so rapidly thus increasing heat in the food. The container area is made so to make the waves reflect only inside the oven. If you open the door the magnetron shuts down in a few millionths of a second. Radiations immediately stop.
The market offers several microwave oven models. What makes them different is the presence of certain features. Basic models can come without any particular feature. Lately they have been coming with a grilling function to that make that delicious crust on top of the food exactly like a traditional oven. They’re called combi-microwave ovens.
You need to pay attention to the type of container you put into the oven. You can use pirex, terracotta, plastic, high temperature silicone and china. You can’t use metal containers because they trigger sparks.
As for any other appliance you can either choose a built-in microwave ovens or countertop microwave ovens depending on whether you want to insert the oven in the kitchen structure or place it on a countertop. ... More ... less

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