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268 Office shelving

“The longer I am out of office, the more infallible I appear to myself”. (Henry A. Kissinger)
If you have enough space in your office, you can add some office shelving to store away document bundles, and file holders as well as magazines and books for the public. They are best suited in representative offices and they are very useful in archives. Modular office shelving are quite useful because they fit in whatever space. Tall office shelving are ideal in archive rooms where they can occupy all the height of the room as well as in hallways or open space offices where they can be used as partitions. Short office shelvings used as open sideboards can furnish management offices with style and elegance.

Which material should you choose? It depends on the room where you’re going to put the shelves. In management and representative offices, a wooden office shelving matching the rest of the furnitire will complete the room perfectly. In walking areas and in archive rooms you better choose metal office shelving because of their sturdiness and resistance to heavy loads. ... More ... less


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