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383 Outdoor floodlights

Outdoor floodlights are purposefully designed to light up fa?ades and give value to specific spots, putting them in evidence thanks to well pointed beams of light. Thanks to the last generation of outdoor floodlights proposing an extremely fine design, floodlights do not look bulky and contribute to the resulting aesthetic output of the outdoor furniture in a discrete and exceptionally versatile way. This type of product lends itself to constant stylistic and formal experimentation, aimed to facilitate the integration of the several existing models in a vast number of context. A large number of outdoor floodlights feature a high level of IP protection, which makes them ideal to be used outdoor and resistant to weather conditions.

Lighting effects on surfaces thanks to adjustable outdoor spotlights

Outdoor floodlights allow to add value to outdoor spaces, especially with an aim to create light accenting or colorful glowing scenographies on building fa?ades. Developing such lighting effects thanks to RGB outdoor floodlights allows to enrich the outdoor spaces and continuously pick different spots to enhance thanks to adjustable outdoor floodlights. There is ample variety of outdoor floodlights. The choice depends on the space characteristics, its dimensions and diverse light requirements. Eventually, it is relevant to carefully evaluate the spotlight design, for it to match with the outdoor furniture style.

Outdoor LED floodlights, wall washers, RGB and much more

Outdoor floodlights emanate an accent light that gives relevance to certain portions of an area or to specific objects. They are generally composed of an internal reflector, a light bulb and a protection glass. Depending on the model floodlights can integrate a halogen lamp (outdoor halogen floodlight) or a LED lamp as in the case of outdoor LED floodlights. Available in different typologies, outdoor floodlights can be squared, rounded or elliptically shaped. Some models are equipped with a motion sensor that activates the lamp at the passage of a person; others feature a RGB system to project scenographies and colored shapes. A particular type of floodlights are wall washers. Washers with a symmetric light distribution are normally used for background lighting, while washers with asymmetrical light distribution are ideal to cast homogeneous light on a surface. ... More ... less
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