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239 Outdoor pendant lamps

Outdoor pendant lights are the ideal solution to illuminate external areas like terraces, gazebo, gardens and pedestrian walkways. They play a double function, namely creating outdoor spotlighting effects and furnishing and decorating the environment, at the same time. This typology of outdoor lighting creates fascinating lights effects and especially highlights the zones dedicated and designated as outdoor dining areas, for lunches and dinners in the open air. No doubt that, among the most popular pendant lamps, there are outdoor LED pendant lamps, available in a variety of finishes and materials and allowing to achieve conspicuous energy efficiency. From aluminium to plastics, from glass to ceramic materials, from modern to classic style; it’s not that hard to find on the market design elements suitable to whichever outdoor furniture style.

Outdoor pendant lights. A new light on your outdoor spaces

Outdoor lighting is as important as indoor lighting. Creating the adequate light atmospheres in the garden or on the terrace contributes to harmonizing the outdoor furniture, while highlighting hidden spots or making specific areas stand out. In this sense, outdoor pendant lights can turn helpful in various ways, especially regarding to the lighting of outdoor dining areas, thus allowing to enjoy lunch and dinner time in the open air at a maximum level. There are plenty of different pendant lights models, available in a vast array of finishes and materials. It is the case, for instance, of outdoor metal pendant lamps, easy to combine with a modern furniture style, or outdoor glass pendant lamps, offering the possibility to play with light and transparencies effects. Glass, indeed, contributes to shape evocative atmospheres, as in the case of glazed glass. As for a classic-style space, lamps in ceramic materials, such as porcelain stoneware, are of an outstanding impact.

Furnish your outdoor with the light of classic and modern pendant lamps

The outdoor area should be as enjoyable in the summertime as in wintertime, also thanks to the right furniture choices. In the hottest months it is common to spend longtime in the garden or on a balcony and, despite the longer days, artificial light is crucial to enjoy your space, particularly at night. In this case, it is possible to opt for outdoor pendant lanterns, an alternative solution available in a multitude of models. During wintertime, instead, in spite of the shorter time spent outside it is nonetheless important to take care of the appearance of backyards and terraces. An interesting option is provided by adjustable outdoor pendant lights, to be always able to decide where and how to illuminate.

Outdoor modern pendant lamps and outdoor lanterns. New bright scenographies

Choosing the right outdoor lighting allows to revive a space, making it over. This is the reason why it is important to select the most suitable solution in relation to the chosen furniture style. Modern pendant lights fit a contemporary style, completely changing the look of a garden or a terrace, as they give it a stronger texture. By choosing a classic style, instead, maybe preferring a cord pendant light, the outdoor space will look cozier. What is relevant is that the outdoor furniture combines well with the indoor furniture, so to avoid an unpleasant distance between the indoor and the outdoor spaces. ... More ... less


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