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200 Outdoor rugs

You want to decorate your garden or terrace and you’re looking for an original idea? Outdoor rugs! Rugs don’t need to be kept in your living room anymore! Rugs can make your outdoor space elegant thanks to new innovative non-absorbing materials which are very resistant to harsh weather conditions. Which one should you choose?
The first step is knowing where you are going to put it. Patios, porticos, gazebos or your terrace are just some of the places where the rug can become an elegant decoration item. They can also be used indoors too. Their stain resistance and durability properties make outdoor rugs an excellent choice in high traffic indoor areas such as kids’ play room, kitchen or dining room. Once you know where to put it, look around and imagine how the rug you want is going to look in your outdoor dining or living area. Pay attention to fixed items such as an outdoor fireplace or an arbor’s poles so to avoid obstacles.

If you want to highlight an outdoors’ item the rug should help complete the sight and it shouldn’t catch our eye because of its color, model or size. To choose the right size measure the space you want to cover. If you want to place it under a gazebo or a patio, for examble, choose a rug that is just smaller than the covered area so to create a larger space effect. If, instead, you wanto to use the rug to cover just a part of the outdoor space, choose which furniture you are going to put first and the carpet will be placed according to the other item’s position. You can also choose to cover all the area under the dining or living area as a means of separating spaces with different uses. We recommend choosing the shape of the carpet based on the size and the use you’re gonna make of it. The classic rectangular outdoor rugs is the most versatile for its double use as a supporting surface and as a use determining item. Large round outdoor rugs will be a remarkable decoration item for a round dining table with armchairs.

Which pattern? It depends on your personal taste and on your outdoor area style. The solid color outdoor rugs are certainly the most common ones because you can put them in many different areas. Play with colors! Light colors reflect light and visually enlarge the space but they easily get dirty. Lively colors make your garden fanciful but tend to fade out in the sun if fibers’ quality isn’t good. If you like patterns you can dare with striped outdoor rugs with geometric or flowery patterns.

Which materials? The synthetic fiber outdoor rugs are better because their material are wear and humidity resistant. Synthetic fiber rugs are fireproof, anti-bacterial, non-toxic and they can be machine washed. Intertwined polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, polyester and viscose fibers are used to make modular, functional and performing rugs. Choose your favorite on Archiproducts! ... More ... less
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