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184 Outdoor showers

Outdoor showers are an essential component of gardens with swimming pools as well as for sun decks in summer. They are practical, convenient, stylish and they are also easily installable even in narrow spaces. A good cost/quality solution is certainly the solar shower which catches sunrays producing ideal temperature warm water. Their cost is variable and based on the reservoir’s capacity, on the sunray catching area yield and on their design. Solar showers favor energy saving because they don’t need power to work: the sunray catching panel can warm up water up to 60°C. Solar showers can work with thermal energy or solar panel energy. In the first case, the shower should be placed in a sunlit area to let the water heat up this way you will be able to use it until the reservoir runs out of water (30-40 lt). In the photovoltaic panel versions there’s a coil in the reservoir powered by the solar panel. The advantage of this is that water heats up faster and lets more people have a shower. In both cases, water is kept in a hidden reservoir which is filled up by a tube connected to the water system. You can mix the reservoir’s water with that of the water system to get water at an ideal temperature (about 30°C). The showers come with a mixer that lets you adjust water flow and temperature.

Besides being practical and comfortable, they decorate your outdoor area thanks to the innovation that designers have brought to them. Outdoor showers are beautiful, elegant and refined. They’re made of different materials that determine their final looks. The columns can be made of stainless steel or perforated aluminium to enhance heat exchange. Or they can be made of polyethilene or iroko and teak wood. They can be mounted on special platforms or they can come with matching shower trays. Since their outdoor use, water system components like mixers, rainshowers, feet washing taps are made of weather resistant and anti-corrosion materials. Even if they’re really resistant to harsh weather conditions, we recommend covering them with protective waterproof sheets when not used. ... More ... less
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