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196 Ovens

”I really don’t trust statistics much. A man with his head in a hot oven and his feet in a freezer has statistically an average body temperature.”(Charles Bukowski)
Over time, it has become a piece of furniture. Actually, together with the hobs, it still is the principal cooking appliance. So, besides aesthetics, you need to pay attention to technical specs. Specifications make the difference both in terms of performances and price. Let’s see how they work and their features so that your choice will be easier. First, you need to know whether you’re looking for a gas or an electric one. Let’s look at the differences.
A gas one is better when it comes to energy cost because it burns methane thus saving electricity and it grants perfect baking especially with cakes. It’s usually placed under the hobs so to optimize the gas supply. Its major drawback is that it doesn’t come with all the functions the electric oven has. Electric ovens, instead, consume more electricity but they come with a series of functions that optimizes cooking methods and time. Since they don’t need gas supply you can put them wherever you want in your kitchen. You can choose whether you want it static or forced air. The static version has two electric coils, one on the upper side and one on the lower side of the oven. The advantages are that they’re easy to use and they cook meet and other food with excellent results. Forced air ovens, instead, blow hot air into the oven so to get an even cooking of more than one dish at the same time.

If you are a healthy cooking lover, you can also buy a steam oven! Vapor production is generated by water contained in built-in reservoirs; this is possible thanks to a small boiler that needs to be decalcified periodically. More, this kind of oven can defrost, heat up and cook countless kinds of food. Anyway, the steam oven represents an additional oven and it cannot replace the traditional one.

To install your oven, you need a few tips. First, if we’re talking about a built-in oven, you can recess it under the hobs or recess it in a tall cabinet. In this second case, the cabinet must be made with special materials to accommodate the oven. Placing it in a tall cabinet is convenient because you can check the food without bending (usually it’s installed at a 120/150 cm height). Moreover, this kind of installation allows you to save space under the hobs where you can put pots and pans. You need to have a countertop next to the oven because you don’t want to roam the kitchen with a hot tray in your hands!

Some practical suggestions. If you have children at home, choose a “cool door” oven so to protect their hands!
Clean your oven each time you use it. This operation is easier when the oven is still warm. Never leave bits of food behind. When the oven is on again they could become toxic and contaminate the food you’re preparing.
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