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2,321 Shower taps

“I put water in my house and the tap outside.”(Sicilian proverb)
With a wide range of types, technical features and finishing, choosing the right shower tap is no easy task. By following a few little suggestions and most of all your personal taste in fact of style, you can choose the perfect tap for your needs. Search on Archiproducts the shower taps that combine style and functionality!

The first element to consider in choosing your shower tap is the control type: a normal tap or ashower mixer? If you prefer the amount of hot and cold water, choose a double control tap with at least two holes for the knobs and a handshower. For a more comfortable use of the shower we recommend the installation of a wall fixed or ceiling hanging rainshower. In this case you will have to choose a two way shower tap with diverter to switch bewteen the handshower and the rainshower. As an alternative to the normal tap you can choose a mixer which is comfortable because it mixes hot and cold water in the body of the mixer. Usually mixers are recessed, in other words, they are made up of a wall recessed part and an external control plate. The market offers external mixers as well but they are more bulky and usually fit for substituting pre-existing two hole fittings. The thermostatic shower mixers are ideal for your shower because they let you adjust water temperature and they keep it constant even when the water flow is stopped and reactivated. The thermostatic mixer offers remarkable advantages: higher shower comfort, higher safety because it avoids accidental burns and a lower water consumption because water would be at the desired temperature from the first drop. In mechanical thermostats the controls and the valve are connected while in the latest digital thermostats these devices are activated by a remote wireless control installable in whatever position. The buttons let you set water temperature and flow as well.

How do shower taps differ from one another? First, the flow ratio. The normal flow for a shower tap is of .2l/s. If you use a tap with a built in flow reducer, you can bring the flow to a mere .1l/s keeping the comfort stable. The reducer is a flow tap system that breaks the water into small particles and it mixes it with air. The system allows for a 50% reduction of water consumption while maintaining the same outlet pressure.
Another characteristic that makes shower taps differ is the watertight property, in other words, how much the device can keep water from leaking. Watertight-ness is achieved thanks to a series of small ceramic disks that keep water in when the tap is closed. Pay particular attention to the quality of the components and finishing of the tap: valves, cartridges, structure and finishing are key factors for the tap’s durability.

Even if it’s often covered by the wall or by the shower cabin, the tap’s style is an important decision in choosing the right tap. A classic style shower tap is recommended if you love vintage style: gold or bronze finishing, curvy lines, decorations for a nineteenth-century shower. Chrome, star-shaped knobs and arched rainshowers that recall the 1930s. Maybe you prefer minimalistic looks and you’re a technology geek? Choose a contemporary style shower tap: chromotherapy LEDs incorporated in the rainshower, a multi-jet handshower and a shower set with diverter and chromed plate will make your shower a spa shower! ... More ... less


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