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478 Sinks

The sink is a very important part of your kitchen. It has to be chosen taking into account size, capacity and materials. You really need to verify where the water drain will be because the sink has to be close to it. Depending on how much available space you have, you can choose a single or multiple basins or one with a sink with drainer or not or with other accessory containers.
Let’s start with a single sink, which you can choose if the available space isn’t enough. It can just come as a single sink or it could have a lateral plates draining surface. It is now the most requested one since everyone has a dishwasher at home. A second bowl often takes too much space and having two sinks means that both would be smaller. In case you have plenty of space you can choose a two bowl sink which is surely more versatile because it lets you wash and rinse much more comfortably. More, having two bowls available lets you put the dishware in the first one and vegetables and fruit that needs to be washed in the second one. The standard size of a double bowl sink is of 86 cm while you get to 124 cm in case you also want a draining surface.
If you’d rather choose a third way, the market also offers you 1 and ? bowl sinks: convenience and practicality are granted with this one.

Depending on which effect you’re looking for you can choose among: built-in sinks, flush-mounted sinks and under-mounted sinks.

Materials are important when it comes to a heavy duty element like a sink. Let’s have a look:

stainless steel sinks
It has always been the principal material for sinks because of its practicality and hygiene, resistance and cost. Its limit is its delicate surface which can be easily scratched. Nowadays, though, this problem has been solved with anti-scratch and satinized stainless steel. Lime scale buildup is another problem but a little maintenance with inexpensive products will keep your steel sink shiny! The good news is that it fits in whatever kitchen no matter its style. Steel is definitely a perfect choice whether your kitchen is a classic or a contemporary style one.

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