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498 Spouts taps

For a bathroom to be at the same time functional and appealing to the eye every detail needs to be considered. Among the several ones that make up a bathroom, taps play a preeminent role since their good functioning contribute to the every-day well-being and can add an extra touch to the room. In order to align with the style or to achieve a higher functionality of the taps, sometimes it is recommended to purchase tap handles and spout taps separately. Although suitable to any kind of fixtures, spout taps are usually associated to tubs, washbasins and bidet. The array of products to chose from is wide beyond imagination. There is a variety not solely of designs and styles, but also of performances, installation systems and materials.

Spouts taps typologies for your bathroom

The bathroom is a space where to pamper yourself and each tiny detail can contribute to make it perfect to feel good and relax. Choosing bathroom taps with care is all but unimportant. It can make the whole difference. This is why, when installing taps it is important to pay extra attention to some aspects such as height and position. Height is in fact more of a functional factor than an aesthetic one, since it enables an adequate and handier use of the taps. For the washbasin for instance, the right height to which a spout tap shell be installed is the one that allows to comfortably wash your hands, while the depth of the spout shall correspond to the drainage hole. A fountain that is higher than necessary will translate in more space to comfortably wash your hands, while a lower-positioned spout is more discreet.
To let water flow properly, a tub spout tap should protrude over the tub edge and at the same time should not hamper to comfortably use the tub. The spout can have a standard round jet or a waterfall effect for the maximum comfort and relaxation.

Full freedom on installation

Just like taps, spouts taps alike are products of design that can be fixed on the wall, on a deck or on the floor. Wall-mounted spouts are fixed through holes on the wall, so to free some space on the counter space. This is the most practical installation solution, because it exploits the closeness of fixtures to the walls. Generally, this option is chosen in reason of the aesthetic or because of a pre-existant situation (taps replacement). If on the fixtures there are one or more holes, it is possible to install the spouts taps directly on the deck. In this case it is especially important to combine taps with fixtures, to give the idea of a bathroom thought to the smallest detail. Floor standing spouts taps are particularly tailored to be positioned next to freestanding washbasins or freestanding tubs that are distant from the wall. They have a striking visual impact that accentuate the fine and cozy aesthetics of the environment. Moreover, they allow to position the fixtures were preferred, giving full freedom on how to design the bathroom with no compromise.

Accessories that complete and enhance the style of spouts taps

When entering an unknown bathroom space, the taps style, that generally combines with that of fixtures, makes the first impression. The chances to fulfill one’s personal tastes are truly high and it is possible to match preferences and needs regardless of the available budget. Spouts taps with the most sinuous shapes that evoke a classic style, find their place in bathrooms of houses where the entire furniture style is inspired to the past times. The emblem of elegance, exclusiveness and good taste, these taps enrich a highly formal furniture style, where it is possible to sense immediate and winding up warmth and peace. If, on the other hand, you prefer modern environments, you can opt for current and contemporary style spouts taps, consistent with the furnishing, with geometric shapes, clean and essential, never monotonous lines.

Mind the detail: materials and certification

Among the wide offer on the market, it is important to pay attention to some details in order to be sure you are choosing a product that is pleasant to use and long lasting, besides being one that goes along with your tastes. The quality of the materials determines the lifetime of the taps and their efficiency. The material normally used for the spouts taps is brass. This material is used in its chrome-plated version, polished or opaque, or it can be left natural for industrial or vintage models. In the past it was only possible to manufacture chrome-plated brass spouts taps mixed with lead. Modern technologies allow nowadays not to use lead or other heavy metals which are potentially noxious, ensuring safety. People with an eco-friendly attitude will opt for stainless steel spouts taps. Aside from being for 100% and endlessly recyclable without loosing one of its precious original properties, this material is highly resistant, enduring and hygienically safe. Since spouts taps are design objects of ordinary use, it is necessary to consider the model functionality, the easiness of cleaning up, the absence of parts where limescale can collect and the presence of the C3 acronym that certifies attention to water efficiency. ... More ... less
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