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647 Steplights

Steplights is a typology of lighting technique for indoor use, allowing to create lighted paths. Steplights spotlights facilitate in getting oriented in the dark thanks to beams of light mounted along the stairs and hallways inside a house or a shop. Whichever the area or specific spot to enhance with light, steplight lighting illuminates producing at the same time lights effects with an incredible visual impact. The most popular steplight variety is certainly the one using LED technology. LED steplights, indeed, allow to reach an ideal brightness, while ensuring longer durability when compared to other types of lamps and a significant efficiency in energy consumption. Steplights often function as night lights, purposefully planned to lighten hallways, stairs and doorsteps.

Steplights for any area of the house

Spotlights steplights help increasing the space functionality and usability, especially in a domestic context. They can be used to light up the night area and are therefore often placed in transition areas, like in hallways. In this specific space it is preferable to use wall-mounted steplights, which are incorporated in the wall to create for instance a lighted path between the bedroom and the bathroom. If on the other hand the wish is to boost a dramatic effect, walkover lights steplights are usually the favored choice, as they spread light from below.

Indoor staircase lighting. Stepligts to walk safely

When lightening any indoor space with steplights, specific attention needs to be put on planning the light along the staircase. This type of lighting must respect the functional and practical needs of those who will use it. When planning the lighting, it is key to keep in mind the visual comfort and the usability of the proposed solution, without overlooking the surrounding light sources. Thereby, apart from enhancing the space and complying with its symmetry, it is important to consider the temperature of the colors to be used. The use of ultraviolet or halogen lamps, for instance, is discouraged in order to preserve the harmony of the environment. Another interesting solution is to place a spotlight every other step, so to allow to walk the stairs in full safety even when the other lights are off. For what materials are concerned, together with the traditional steel steplights, plaster steplights are also high on demand. These can be installed in plasterboard and other similar alike. ... More ... less


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