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405 Sun loungers

”A garden is visible philosophy.” (Erik Orsenna)
Gardens recall days spent on the beach or by the pool, images of holiday places. The garden daybed is the garden piece of furniture par excellence! Slender and elegant or more imposing, garden daybeds are used not only in private or contract outdoor spaces but also in spas or gym and swimming centres relax areas. Archiproducts offers many different models, from the most traditional to the most innovative to outfit your terrace with taste or equip your poolside area or your countryside bed and breakfast. Read this mini-guide to discover which garden daybed suits you.
Ergonomy first of all. Garden daybeds must be the ideal relaxing place. The body’s position has to be comfortable with no pressure points. A rigid structure, for example, will make it hard for the spinal column to adapt causing the lumbar area to sink or to stiffen. The spinal column should sink only where it is necessary, that is, at the shoulder and pelvic regions. The other parts should be supported thus preserving the natural curvature of the back. For this reason, we recommend you buy recliner garden daybeds that let you adjust the seatback in different positions.

Practicality is definitely another factor to consider when choosing a garden daybed. The garden daybeds with casters are very convenient because you can move them around without physical exertion a sweat! If you don’t have much space or in case you’re a contractor and you need many beds we recommend the stackable garden daybeds that can be stacked to minimize storage space usage. Daybeds with retractable trays are very convenient too. There are also double garden daybeds to be in company under the sun. The accessories include a retractable hood fixed on the seatback to protect yourself from the sun when it’s too hot, and a cushion to support the nape.

Daybeds are usually made of wood, metal or synthetic material. Wooden garden daybeds have slates that make them very similar to bed structures. They are usually covered with small mattresses to make them more comfortable. Metal garden daybeds have technical fabric (nylon, polyester or textilene) seats to resist to whichever weather condition. ... More ... less


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