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2,635 Vanity units

Lack of space is a huge problem in modern households. Having a vanity unit under the washbasin is really convenient to store away linen, cosmetics and accessories, especially if it’s a modern house with little space available. The market offers sectional vanity units or monoblock ones that come with doors, drawers and tall cabinets and accessories like mirrors and shelves. Sectional units have the advantage of fitting in whichever room providing a high grade of personalization but at a higher cost. Among many configurations you can choose a double vanity unit for large bathrooms or master bathrooms or single units with one washbasin.

The vanity unit has to be matched with a countertop, recessed or a semi-inlet washbasin. In the first case, the storage space is total because the washbasin lies on the countertop. In the recessed or semi-inlet cases, the basin is inserted in the unit taking the upper part space. There are two kinds of installation: freestanding and wall mounted. Floor-standing vanity units are put on the floor and grant large storage space. To comply with ergonomic principles, their height must be between 85 and 90 cm. Wall mounted vanity units are fastened to the wall and even if they offer less space from a storage point of view, they offer the chance to clean all under them ensuring hygiene. Suspended furniture, then, widen visual space so they are ideal in small rooms.

Which style for your vanity unit? No rules apply except your personal taste. If you love classic style vanity units you can choose a laquered, curvy romantic line model with drawers. Or you can choose a unit with solid wood doors and drawers with warm hues to recall the past. The alternative to the vanity unit is the console. It’s a table-like piece of furniture placed in front of the washbasin. Some consoles come with a small drawer under the washbasin, a shelve and a towel bar. Consoles are minimalistic and provide the washbasin area with a unique look inspired by classical lines but matchable with glamorous modern furniture. Do you prefer contemporary style vanity units? Squared, laquered surfaces, large geometric handles and monolythic tops in technical materials will suit you. Choose the light sources carefully: mirror lamps for modern compositions, wall lamps installed laterally to the mirror for more formal compositions.

Which materials? It depends on the style you’ve chosen. The structures and the tops of the vanity units are made of many materials: wood, veneered or MDF panels for the structure and marble, ceramic, glass, wood and acrylic stone (Corian?, Cristalplant?, Korakril?) for the countertops. Acrylic stone is a trendy material: it is non-porous, smooth and hygienic and it compensates the high cost with a remarkable durability and resistance in time. They are perfect for a modern bathroom where solid surfaces impose themselves on shapes and colors. Still, for a contemporary bathroom, you can choose a pre-shaped glass top that also includes the washbasin bowl. These tops are beautiful and resistant but they are hard to clean because of the scale build up. Ceramic is light and available no matter what your budget is. It is still among the most popular materials especially for recessed washbasins and it blends well in modern or classic bathrooms. What about a shabby chich bathroom? Choose a white pickled wood and match it with a countertop or semi-inlet oval washbasin and black powder varnished taps. ... More ... less


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