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2,698 Visitor's chairs

”If one were to build the house of happiness, the largest space would be the waiting room.”(Jules Renard)
Waiting rooms are found in whatever public or private building. Offices, stations, airports, university halls, hospitals and clinics… A waiting room must be comfortable. A place where people can feel at ease and relaxed. The seats are essential to outfit the room because waiting is often long and tiring. Some upholstered visitors’ chairs, for example, will help people relax comfortably just like the visitors’ chairs with armrests. For average size waiting rooms, the stackable visitors’ chairs will be ideal because they won’t take much space when not needed and stored away. For a trendy waiting room and for offices, cantilever visitor’s chairs and sled base visitor’s chairs will be an elegant solution: their light structures and the minimalist lines will make the visible space larger. The swiveling visitor’s chairs are best suited for management rooms where they can be placed in front of desks to accommodate workers, clients or visitors.

About materials, there is the classic wooden chair and the contemporary plastic one, from leather to faux-leather for upholstered models and steel for the structures. Wooden visitor’s chairs can have a structure, a seatback and a seat made of wood or they can also have parts made of steel. The non-upholstered models are suited for waiting rooms where you don’t have to wait a lot. On the contrary, leather or faux-leather visitor’s chairs are better for rooms where you have to wait a lot because they’re more comfortable. Covering wear may be a risk. Thanks to their durability and resistance, the steel visitor’s chairs and the plastic visitor’s chairs are best suited in crowded places like airports and stations.

Don’t forget to complete your waiting room with some matching tables. Depending on the type of waiting room, you might also add some magazine racks, some light sources, some tableaux on the walls and a water dispenser to welcome your guests. ... More ... less


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