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Washbasins and bathroom fixtures

Bathroom fixtures and washbasins are crucial elements of a bathroom furniture and are subjected to continuous stylistic experimentation and modern-style-inspired reinterpretations. Bathroom fixtures are essential to make the room usable and are thereby to be chosen by taking into account their model functionality and appearance. Wall-mounted fixtures currently are among the most demanded models and are a perfect response to diverse needs connected to space and style. Floor-mounted sanitary ware are a more classical choice and are fixed to the floor, ensuring excellent stability. In alternative to the mentioned models, there are back-to-the-wall sanitary ware, with hidden pipes. Those have a pleasant appearance and can be considered an alternative to floor-mounted models.

How to furnish your bathroom with wall-mounted and floor-mounted bathroom fixtures and washbasins

Bathroom furnishing starts especially with the choice of bathroom fixtures and washbasins and, in turn, the latter starts with a detailed evaluation of the space available. Wall-hung sanitary ware are of a great visual impact for their distinctive design as they do not touch the ground and their minimalist structures produce a peculiar suspended effect. Wall-mounted washbasins do not mount on any pedestal fixed to the floor, which creates a full-empty visual effect, besides not occupying more of of the floor surface. On the other hand, floor-mounted sanitary ware have the draining fixed on the ground and require an extremely easy installation process. Within this category, back-to-the-wall fixtures are characterized by hidden draining pipes thanks to the possibility of incorporating them in the wall. ... More ... less ... More ... less

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