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36 Winter gardens

The winter garden is - by definition - a garden that develops within an enclosed space, offering the possibility of growing flowers and plants even when the temperature outside is very cold. The winter garden is a solution that can optimize the living space, making it an open space indoors. Although the area available is limited, a winter garden is able to expand it, giving the impression of being a natural extension of the house. The result will be a fully utilised and functional surface: in fact, in environments with space-related problems, a custom-made winter garden can serve as a dining room, living room or even study area.

Winter gardens: one more room

Winter gardens are characterised by an aluminium, iron, PVC or wooden structure and can be closed by fixed glazing or sliding panels. They should generally face south, so that they can make the most of natural light. When planning a winter garden, it is essential to choose a model with a versatile design that adapts to the furnishing style of the home. There are several solutions and materials available on the market to choose from, from contemporary style products to classic and traditional projects. Iron winter gardens guarantee solidity and durability, satisfying any style requirement: from the simplest to the most elaborate, the winter garden version in iron and glass is among the most common. PVC winter gardens can be used both as "cold" and "hot" gardens. If you live in very hot areas, then, you tend to prefer a wooden winter garden, to avoid overheating.

A winter garden to customize a space

A winter garden can be considered as an extension of your home to the outside: a meeting place between the home and the surrounding nature. An example is the English style winter garden which, due to the colour, the design of the panels (a classic English green) and the decorations, blends perfectly in an open space like the garden. A winter garden is generally built with its own construction characteristics, as most of the time these are spaces added at a later date and distinguished by the volume given by the large glass surfaces. It is an extremely versatile space, which can be used as a living room and kitchen, as well as a room to devote to your hobbies. If the layout of the house allows it, allocating the winter garden to the living area represents a gain in surface area to leave space for other rooms or to create a few more rooms. But one of the rooms that best suits the space offered by the winter garden is the kitchen, with adjoining dining room: here you can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere, which makes it pleasant to spend time at the table with the outside light that makes everything more natural. The use of the winter garden as a working environment, setting up a study area, is much appreciated lately: a perfect solution during the day thanks to the natural light and ideal for the evening hours, thanks to a well studied lighting system.

Warm winter gardens and cold winter gardens: a substantial difference

The winter gardens are proposed as a real extension of the house, especially when you have available large spaces or gardens. This type of outdoor structure generates an increase in the covered surface area and therefore, to proceed with its construction, it is necessary to apply for permission to build. Winter gardens are characterized by glass and metal structures, which allow you to create closed environments without sacrificing brightness. For this reason, from its original definition (which saw the winter garden as a space used for the cultivation of exotic plants and fruits during the winter period) we have moved to real winter gardens habitable. In this case we refer to a warm winter garden. If this is not the case, we are referring to a cold winter garden, an area dedicated solely to gardening and cultivation. ... More ... less
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