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Milano / Italy

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Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe B. V. is the Samsung Group company dedicated to the air conditioning sector, with specific distribution on the European market, the second largest market in the world in terms of demand and use of air conditioners, and since 2017 has had its headquarters in Amsterdam. Samsung's climate products are designed and customised for the end user, with energy-efficient design and functional and performance features. Samsung, known all over the world as one of the most important realities in the world of technology, especially in the fields of mobile phones, home appliances and Hi-Tech and TV, in the last 40 years has decided to invest in the air conditioning sector, applying to this sector its brand qualities always looking for new technological solutions combined with excellent design.

Samsung air conditioners, ideal climate in every environment

Samsung air conditioning systems are revolutionizing the air conditioning industry, offering widespread, homogeneous and comfortable air conditioning for every use, thanks to the innovative WindFree System: no longer a single direct jet of air, but an even and gentle diffusion of air through a surface equipped with 21,000 microholes, arranged on the front of the air conditioner. With this technology, the fresh air inside a room, whether residential, work or commercial, is therefore diffused in a delicate, complete and uniform way, without excessive noise or annoying cold air jets in some directions.
The temperature is first cooled quickly with the "Fast Cooling" mode and then kept constant by switching to WindFree mode, delivering a gentle breeze through the microholes that passes pleasantly through the space and cools it in a manner very similar to natural cooling, keeping the temperature constant at a level neither too hot nor too cold and without jolting between different areas of the same environment. The ideal climate therefore, both during the day and at night, which guarantees total comfort even in more delicate situations such as children or the elderly, or people with health problems.
Depending on your needs, Samsung offers different models and types of air conditioners, including wall-mounted units, which provide optimum comfort thanks to the rapid and uniform diffusion of air.
For particularly high environments, especially in commercial, office or tertiary contexts, but also suitable for residential environments, the ideal models are the 4-way Cassette units, available in various sizes, and all with an elegant and non-invasive design. Integrated into the ceiling, the 4-way Cassette units are perfectly suited to any context, thanks to a wide range of patterns and models.

Comfort, clean air, noise reduction

Samsung air conditioners also provide high acoustic comfort by reducing vibrations due to torque fluctuations, thanks to the 8-Pole Digital Inverter system that attenuates noise by making it less noise than the rustle of leaves in a forest! By combining WindFree technology with the Good Sleep system, absolute comfort is guaranteed even at night. The other systems that make Samsung air conditioners perform better.

The WindFree system is also equipped with the Easy Filter Plus filter, capable of capturing dust particles, and the SPI Air Purifier system, which produces active hydrogen particles capable of capturing and removing contaminants and harmful agents from the air, responsible for most allergic reactions in environments. Some top-of-the-range models, such as the WindFree Pure air conditioner, are equipped with a PM 2. 5 filter which, by filtering 100% of the incoming air, reduces fine dust by over 99%.
As an undisputed technology leader, Samsung could not fail to provide an intelligent connection of its air conditioners, and in fact there is the possibility to connect the devices to your smartphone via Wi-Fi through the Samsung SmartThings App, available for both Android and iPhone, which allows you to remotely manage the power on, off, control and programming anywhere and at any time. ... More ... less

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